We Have a Situation Here . . .

What's your needlepoint "situation?"  (from www.comments20.com)

For Duncan, who’s about 7, it was some missing socks. For me, it’s how to stitch a delightful pattern I saw. For you it’s probably something else entirely. That’s what I want to know. What is your biggest needlepoint problem? What was your most recent needlepoint “situation?” What needlepoint question would you most like to […]

Needlepointing Houses – Come Stitch with Me

colonial williamsburg wood house

Originally posted 2009-11-17 06:59:08. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Colonial houses, especially the ones of Colonial Williamsburg, are one of my favorite things. I grew up in a neo-colonial house (it looked like Mt. Vernon). I loved Williamsburg when I went there when I was 10. One of the things I love about Annapolis is […]