Simple Tricks to Improve your Scotch Stitch for Technique Tuesday

scotch stitch

Scotch Stitches & their variations are very popular, but do yours look their best? Often they do not. Joni Stevenson has another wonderful post on her blog both explaining the problem and showing us what we can do so that our Scotch stitches can be as beautifully plumped as the ones pictured her (picture from […]

Stitch Direction in Needlepoint – Part 1

small balloon stitch for needlepoint

Originally posted 2010-02-24 07:29:10. Republished by Blog Post Promoter As we learned yesterday, needlepoint stitches have direction. This can be a bane or a blessing unless you know how to use it. Most needlepoint stitches fall into one of two classes, Upright or diagonal. Diagonal stitches, by far the most common, have stitches which run […]

Lighting the Way – Sneak Peek

Lighting the Way

Originally posted 2008-04-22 07:11:42. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I just finished this charming design from Sandy Grossman-Morris. When I saw her lighthouses at TNNA I had to stitch at least one. They combine two of my favorite things, quilts and lighthouses. I love the monochrome quilt design as the sky. For the stitch guide, […]