Stitching a Painted Canvas – Virtual Book Tour

Originally posted 2007-09-24 07:20:23. Republished by Blog Post Promoter My current stop on the Virtual Book Tour is to Pierrette Pattyn’s great blog Love to Stitch. In an illustrated article there, I talk about picking threads and stitches for painted canvases. I give special attention to picking threads and stitches for special effects. Plus you [...]

Finishing Elements Tutorials from DMC

Tassels and Twisted Cord are two basic elements of finishing. It’s simply fantastic if you can make your own. Not only can they add lovely custom touches to items you finish yourself, by supplying them, you can also get a bit more control in what the final product may look like. When you make your [...]

The Portable Needlepoint Tool Kit – One Woman’s Essentials

In my recent epiphany about organizing my studio I realized some things about me and stitching on the road. I have optimized many of my choices for tools to be portable. The stuff goes into project bags or my purse and comes with me. Here’s how I deal with my essential stitching tools. First off [...]

How Do you Organize your Current Projects & TOtes?

It’s all well and good to organize your stash and have it happily living in its new home, but we do actually stitch with the stuff and therefore have to transport it to other locations. That means two kinds of organization solutions. The first is for an individual project. The second is how you transport [...]

My Life in Bargello — Virtual Book Tour Stop

Swag Mini-sock

Originally posted 2008-06-06 07:23:03. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Pierrette has put up the article for my visit to her blog, Love to Stitch. It’s about My Life in Bargello. It has pictures of some of my earlier Bargello pieces and includes my newest piece, the Swag mini-sock along with a free pattern for it. [...]