Paternayan Dyeing Facility Details

persian wool

Soon you’ll be able to buy Persian Wool again

Saco River is a maker and dyer of lovely Alpaca yarns. Earlier this year they said they were considering relaunching Paternayan.

Yesterday they announced some details. Until recently Paternayan had been dyed and sold by JCA. As lovers of this yarn know, it has been difficult to get for the last couple of years. Saco’s company (Maine Textiles Int. LLC) purchased the equipment and intellectual property of JCA, including the rights to Paternayan yarn and its exclusive color palette. The dyehouse equipment has now been moved to a 17,000 square foot facility in Biddeford, ME. They have contracted with two commercial New England mills to re-create Paternayan Persian yarn to specifications from the 80’s and 90’s.

The master dyer of Paternayan is working with them to recreate the yarn to his specifications. Once that has been accomplished they will be begin dyeing ¼ lb. hanks in 20 lb. batches of the most popular colors. These should be available by March 2013, with the full palette available by summer, 2013.

I hope you’re as excited by this news as I am.


  1. Glenn welling says

    Hello, I repair oriental rugs and use paternayan yarn. I’m having trouble with yarn color and finding a supplier who can match the colors I need, for example, my last supplier had a color chart identical to the old one, but when I requested a specific color number I was sent a different color. Do you know where I can find the colors I need?

  2. says

    As far as I know Saco River Dyeworks is dyeing to match the original Paternayan colors.

    I would suggest you call them to talk to them about your specific needs.

    Do remember though that dyelots change, this was always true of Paternayan. You may need to mix in two dyelots.

    Other companies making Persian wool include Brown Sheep which makes Waverly, and Colonial Needle. They are less likely to have a match but you could try them.

    Keep Stitching,

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