Peacock Tales

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I’m working on a lovely peacock canvas from Bongo (it’s in the current issue of Needlepoint Now ( The model in the issue is worked in beads.

I’m doing mine in metallics, including a couple of the new Latin Dance colors from Kreinik. The background is going to be a blackwork pattern in Elegance.

I am crazy about the way it looks. The bird just shimmers in all the metallics. And, as my DH said last night, it looks so like a peacock in metallic.

I love doing needlepoint pieces in all metallics. The impact of all that shimmery color is magnificent.

It’s possible to do this, just as it’s possible to shade with metallics, because there is such a wide variety of colors available.

But one danger is that it all will look too much the same. But modern metallics come to the resue with their different finishes.

I’ll use Kreinks as an example.

Let’s say I want to have a few different golds in my piece. Leaving aside the fact that most colors have several different shades in them, they also have several different finishes, many times having more than one in the same color.

There is the regular color (no letters after the name)
There is High Lustre (HL after nunber). This has twice as much metallic in it.
There is Vintage (V after number). This has a more matte finish.
There is Cord (C after number). This is highly metallic.
There is Japanese (J after number). The most metallic of all.

And Needle Necessities now makes overdyed versions of metallics although they use color number matched to their overdyed floss, not to Kreinik numbers.

There will also be some color variation as well with the different finishes, even if the color number is the same.

So buy a pretty canvas, look at your metallics and stitch away.

I’ll put up a picture of the peacock when he’s done (later this week).

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