Pixelated Pictures for Needlepoint

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free needlepoint project of pixel tree designed & stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

This delightful tree is easy to stitch from today’s free chart.

Lately I’ve been seeing the topic of pixelated pictures come up in so many different areas. First there was the movie Wreck-it Ralph, which celebrates the pixelated look of old-style video games. Then I found this delightful set of pixelated letters on Pinterest, pictured below.

pixelated alphabet

Pixelated pictures such as this are easy to convert to needlepoint.

That all got me thinking but it was topped off by a recent post of DMC’s blog interviewing a cross stitcher who makes pixelated images.

I also have a delightful Japanese book of small pixelated pictures. It’s was used as the basis of today’s free project.

Any pixelated image is easy to convert to needlepoint because the image is broken into squares. Look at the image below, look familiar? It looks just like a whole stitch chart.

whole stitch chart of pixelated tree for needlepoint or cross stitch, charted by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Pick a square stitch and turn this pixel design into needlepoint

That’s the secret to converting the pixel image to needlepoint. Make every square on the chart a different stitch. Want to make something small? Make each stitch a Tent Stitch. Looking for a big image, make them all Waffle or Norwich Stitches. I stitched this chart in Mosaic Stitches with a darning pattern background. It’s pictured here.

You can go even bigger by turning each square on the chart into a group of stitches.

If you stitch it on plastic canvas you can use this easy finishing technique. Put it in a diamond shape and finish it yourself (instructions here). Buy a Lee or Kreinik round and give it an elegant frame. They are so easy and there are so many possibilities you can finish lots before Christmas.

It’s so fun to do and so easy. Make some for yourself or let this be an introduction to needlepoint for children or adults.



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