Q-Snaps for Needlepoint – Product Review

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Q-Snaps can be used for needlepoint.

Can you use Q-Snaps for needlepoint? I know that they are popular for crosstitchers and quilters. I have also recommended them for people with problems gripping stretcher bars. Until Sunday, I hadn’t tried them myself.

The big concern is that with Q-Snaps you need to have something big enough to put over the full rounds and cover with the partial rounds that snap into place. Once you do that the fabric stays tightly in place.

That’s great for cross stitch and free embroidery but not so good for needlepoint where the margins aren’t so generous.

My friend William Swords stitches on pre-finished canvases. He recommends Q-snaps for his pieces if you stitch in a frame. He put one together for me.

His method of attaching the canvas is fantastic. It will work with any canvas that has a bound or finished edge, preferably sew under or sewn with seam binding. He wraps #8 pearl cotton around the Q-snaps. The pearl is sewn through the edge of the canvas inside the binding and then wrapped around the frame. Threads are begun and ended with a slip knot. When you are finished stitching, just cut at the threads and pull them out.

After having a back spasm I needed something easier to grip. I used his piece and found it amazing to use. It was light and easy to hold. It was far less painful than the mini stretcher bars I usually use. The wrapping kept the canvas tight, tighter than tacks. The wrapped thread also had enough give to let the canvas flex without affecting the tension. That’s a problem I’m having more often these days.

In order for this to work you need to have a firm edge that won’t pull away. In my test piece the Q-snaps were close in size to the needlepoint. That made it harder to stitch near the frame. It would be far more comfortable to use the edges of the needlepoint canvas to create a bigger margin. If as was the case here, you are using a pre-finished piece, I’d try a slightly larger frame.

Even so, I’m a convert. Yes it will take more time to mount, but these are great frames.

Try some Q-Snaps for needlepoint, the next time you need a frame.


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    Adding a picture of the Q-Snaps now, it will be in the post shortly. I don’t have a picture of the canvas on the frame because I finished the piece and took it off. I’ll do pictures with the next one and do a tutorial post.

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