Scrap Bag Cats – Part 2

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Scrap Bag Cars stash needlepoint from Patt and Lee Designs

Three more cats stitched on our stash project. One thing which is so fun about this project is that Patt slightly changes the colors from square to square. so this can really reflect what’s in your stash.

For the dark violet, you could use the same thread throughout, or you could change it with every patch, either will look great. Since I really want to mix things up, I’m using different threads right now, but I’m sure most of them will reappear for other cats.

mosaic stitch with tent check stitch for needlepoint

The first cat is an unusual uneven check pattern of Mosaics (sxometime Cashmeres) and Tent Stitch. It;s not Mosaic Checker because the Tent Stitch areas are only one thread wide. The Mosaics line up in columns, as do the Tent Stitches, switching between the two colors. Every third row uses Cashmere instead of Mosaic.

This patch is stitched in Petite Frosty Rays and Petite Very Velvet.

smyrna cross

This cat is stitched simply with a grid of Smyrna Crosses stitched using Neon Rays against a Basketweave background stitched with a single thread of Impressions. The grid emphasizes the boxiness of this stitch.

tied mosaic stitch for needlepoint

The last cat is a windowpane plaid. The vertical lines are stitched first, using metallic. The horizontal lines are stitched next, skipping the vertical lines, also using metallic. The verticals are white, the horizontals are silver. In the squares Tied Mosaic is stitched using a single strand of Watercolours.

Tied Mosaic has a woven look, which is easy to achieve. Stitch the two short stitches in the corners first. Then stitch the longer stitch, slanting in the opposite direction. It goes over the two corners. Complete the stitch by making the long diagonal stitch of the Mosaic. The tying stitch will be under it, making the weave of the stitch.

Follow the entire series and stitch along!


  1. says

    I am enjoying your cats – they are so interesting – I really must try some – what a good way to try stitches!

  2. Bobbie Akerlund-Kotas says

    Is a cavas’s available for this project? Or are we to follow along when new cat designs are available?

    Best regards,


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