Seasonal Needlepoint Stitching

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Snowman Straw Hat needlepoint by kelly clark

Pick a theme for a canvas to start & stitch each month. Needlepoint by Kelly Clark

What with finishing deadlines stitchers often find themselves stitching Christmas ornaments in summer or hearts under the Christmas tree. Even so we long for some seasonal needlepoint stitching.

My friend Cindy came up with a clever idea and shared it with me at my ANG meeting over the weekend.

Each month she has a theme. January is snowmen, February hearts, March shamrocks, and so on.

She looks through her stash for a project in this theme. They can be in progress or not started. She picks a project and begins to stitch it.

At the end of the month, finished or not, she puts it away. Next January she’ll pick it up again.

She picked easy projects she’ll finish herself when stitched.

This is such a great idea. Every month there will be a new project in the rotation so there is always something new. Because she only works on it for one month, she can’t get bored and has no pressure to finish.

If you don’t have enough seasonal projects, why not adapt this idea to another theme? It can be your own private needlepoint club you created by shopping your stash. You could even do it with a new canvas in one theme every month.

I think I am going to apply this to my UFO’s. I’ve worked the pile down, so I only have about a dozen, so this is perfect. I’d feel as if I’m making progress, but it would free me of the guilt I have about them.

How about you?

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