Silk Ribbon Embroidery for Flowers

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happy heart spring bunny needlepoint, stitch guide by janet perry

Silk ribbon can add so much to your needlepoint, I love it couched to give the look of real ribbons or streamers. I like to make bows from it for packages. I even like it just done in Basketweave, I think it has a very different texture.

But silk ribbon really shines when you use it for flowers and leaves, as I did in this cute bunny from Happy Heart (stitch guide available from them directly).

Jane Wood has put up a marvelous, illustrated tutorial on how to make a round flower from silk ribbons. It’s one of the best I’ve seen on any type of needlework.

silk ribbon embroidery japanese ribbon stitch

This stitch, Japanese Ribbon Stitch, is the basis for this wonderful tutorial. Jane shows you in detail how to use this simple stitch to build up a flower.

The great thing about this stitch is how versatile it is. The look can change as you change the size of the ribbons (think of 2mm silk ribbon to do a spider mum), and the size of the loop (tight loops get you pointed petals, looser loops get petals with texture at the ends). You are in total control.


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