Simple Tricks for Great Eyes

Do the eyes in your needlepoint twinkle the way they do in real life?

All too often when we stitch a person or animal the eyes seem a bit dead and lifeless. That’ because often our stitching lacks the sparkle real eyes have.

Putting that spark into your stitching isn’t hard. Here are two methods to do it.

  1. Stitch eyes with metallics – There are a number of metallics that are the same colors as eyes and are not very shiny. Stitching single stitch and small eyes in these threads creates that tiny bit of light that brings the eyes to life.
  2. Add a white highlight over the stitched eye – Jen Funk-Weber has a fantastic post about how to do this. She’s writing about Cross Stitch but the same method applies to needlepoint. This method works best though when the eyes are a bit larger.

The next time you stitch eyes, bring them to life easily.

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