Small Stitch Samplers in Pictures

SEveral of you have asked to see all of the small stitch samplers.

Here you’ll find pictures of each with the buttons to purchase each of them. At the bottom of the post is the link to buy the set.

  1. Sampler 1
    small stitch needlepoint sampler, designed by needlepoint expert Janet M> Perry

    By these exciting samplers at a special pre-publicatiom price

  2. Sampler 2
    Stitched by Rinda Just

    Stitched by Rinda Just

  3. Sampler 3
    Stitched by Marietta Douglas

    Stitched by Marietta Douglas

  4. Sampler 4
    Stitched by Mar Clark Webster

    Stitched by Mar Clark Webster

  5. Small Stitch Sampler four book pack


  1. Janet says

    Very useful and helpful. As soon as I finish the projects at hand, the sampler is next. Thank you.

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