Stitches & Threads Focus of February Class

 beginning needlepoint stitches and threads sampler class by janet perry

Stitches and threads. Stitches and threads. They are the stuff of needlepoint and are always exciting. But learning them can often be a daunting task for new stitchers or those trying needlepoint for the first time.

In this class, suitable for beginners and all others, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about eight threads with seven stitches all in the context of this charming canvas from Sandy Grossman-Morris. While many beginning needlepoint classes cover stitches only, this class teaches about stitches and threads within the context of painted canvas, today’s most popular form of needlepoint.

The class is packed with so much information, you’ll learn how to make Basketweave and Continental properly. You’ll try stitches from several stitch families, including ones that call for two kinds of threads. You’ll discover tips and techniques for using all types of threads, including ribbons and the popular overdyed threads. You’ll even learn some more advanced stitches and techniques.

The canvas is perfectly sized to hold an iPod or iPhone and is included with your class fee. An optional thread kit is available for an extra fee.

You might be wondering about whether an on-line class is for you. My classes are designed to be short and affordable, giving using projects that are quick to finish and focusing on specific aspects of needlepoint. I try to replicate the experience of an in-person class on-line, by providing lots of additional material and instruction beyond the printed materials. Stitchers at all levels have fallen in love with them.

The class, with canvas included, is $35. Registration is open now, and you can sign up by using this PayPal button.

This class is so great, it’s a double gift. Give yourself the present of the class and the give the finished project as a present.

If you have questions or would prefer another method of payment, please contact me.


  1. says

    Janet, this sounds like a great class for me! My only question is how hard is it to learn the stitches without someone actually showing me? I learned continental and basketweave through lessons and have tried to learn some of the ‘fancy’ stitches on my own by looking at needlepoint books. I did much better with my lessons. So far, the only stitch I’ve figured out how to do is interlocking gobelin.

  2. says

    That was the second stitch I learned too! Ages before I learned Basketweave, which baffled me for years.

    It isn’t too hard to learn stitches from these classes. This is for a couple of reasons, first I’m only going to do two stitches per lesson, so there will be plenty of time to explain them. Second, all this year in my on-line classes I’ve been working with beginning stitchers and new stitches and they have taught me alot about explaining things.

    Finally, and in this my classes are unusual, there is lots of discussion and so if you have a problem with a stitch, say something in the group and we’ll work on alternate ways to explain it.

    I think you’ll like the class. I picked the stitches very deliberately so that in learning them you would learn some simple stitches that use techniques that you find in many other more complex stitches. For example, the blue patch is laidwork, which looks hard, but this one is easy. Once you have learned it, you have an understanding of how this technique works and can try others.


  3. Donnelle Anderson says

    Hi Janet:
    Just paid for the Feb. class, but was wondering if you know what the thread pack will cost for the project and/or when will we get the thread list so I can decide if I want to just buy the set of fibers for this class?
    Thanks, Donnelle

  4. stacey knecht says

    Trying to sign up, but for some reason nothing happens when I click the ‘buy now’ button. Any suggestions?

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