Stitching Order & Open Stitches

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The order you stitch a canvas can make a huge difference in the finished result. This is especially true when you are using open stitches of any kind.

When there is open canvas, even something as simple as pattern darning or T Stitch – seen here, threads can be seen behind the stitching. Or at least that possibility exists.

When does this happen? It happens when travelling stitches (thread moving frm one area to the next on the back of the canvas) is under the threads of the open stitch. The threads of the open stitch hold the travelling thread close to the canvas and it can show.

Needlepoint Ornament - Our Lady of Guadelupe unfinished

This was a potential problem in this Our Lady of Guadelupe from Petei. The background is T Stitch, an open stitch, but the gold rays would have travelling threads.

The solution is a simple one, stitch the open stitch first and then stitch the thread which will have travelling threads. This will hold those travelling threads above the threads of the open stitch and away from the canvas.

This does not work with really open stitches, like Blackwork. In that case, find some organza in a color to coordinate with the canvas and stitch everything through that. The fabric keeps all the travelling threads away from the canvas so they can’t be seen.

And yes, you can still use a tapestry needle!

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