Sunday Stitching – Project Done

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For a real change yesterday I waitched football most of the day and stitched. It was a wonderful, relaxing change.

Needlepoint Ornament - Our Lady of Guadelupe

As a result, I finished the Petei Our Lady of Guadelupe, as you can see. I love the wonderful changes in texture which come from the different threads. The cloak, which is stitched with Fluer de Paris’ Velour Fine Mesh, is particularly nice, if I do say so myself.

Which reminds me, velour threads which come in little boxes can be a serious pain to use, they tend to tangle. You can minimize this pretty easily by cutting the thread before you start to stitch. Initially, when you buy it, the thread is wound in a fairly tight circle. Open this up, either by completely or partially unwinding it, and fold it over itself until you get a stitching length you like. Then cut the threads to length. I just stuff ther cut threads back into the box (they don’t always fit well). Then when I’m working I take the whole shebang out of the box, so the threads can spread, and pull from the bundle.

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