Tips for Stitching Efficiently

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Last week Cara commented that she wanted some tips to stitch more efficiently.

Along with that request she had a great tip of her own. She threads up multiple needles so she has them ready to go.

Here are some of the things I do to make stitching more efficient.

I precut my thread when I first use it as much as I can. This doesn’t work for all threads, but when I can cutting the skein all at once means I have pieces the correct length ready to go.

If I am using several strands of a thread, but not all the strands, I keep the leftovers right next to me and away from the other threads. I combine them with strands from other stitching lengths to get new stitching bundles. By having them close by, stranded, and bundled, every fews lengths I have a thread ready to use.

When I’m ready to do a project, I put all the threads, the canvas on stretcher bars, needles and scissors in a project bag. Then I don’t waste time looking for things.

Although my husband would disagree I keep my studio so I can find tools, markers, threads and canvases easily. This has improved my stitching more than anything except using stretcher bars (another time saver). Knowing where to find things means I start projects faster.

What tips do you have for stitching efficiently?


  1. Robin H. says

    I have different projects for different purposes…..An “at home” project (usually a large canvas) and various small projects for the car, air travel, waiting in doctor’s offices, etc. I have each project in an appropriate sized tote along with it’s own kit of necessary tools and of course all the needed threads. I can grab a tote in a flash and never be without a project.

  2. says

    Thanks for the great tips. They are a nice reminder to slow down and get organized. It is very satisfying to organize your projects. I also enjoyed the link in your recent e-mail about the display of stitchery. Inspiring to see such beautiful pieces. I have been sharing your links with my customers so they can get hooked up with your blog. I travel a lot so have different projects ready for my different trips. It is nice to have everything ready to roll when I am ready to leave. Having the shop in Estes Park, I find I have projects stashed in different locations and in my car. You never know when you are going to get trapped in the canyon for a bit. Nice to be prepared.


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