TNNA Winter 2013 Preview – Part 1

Raymond Crawford will have many new designs out but one will be a lovely tribute to New York City. You’ll see iconic signs and symbols of New York including the Brooklyn Bridge and a sign for the Apollo Theater all done up in an apple outline.. It’s a clever & different canvas. His other new canvases include more new eggs, a clever gnome, and a great snowman.

One of the big hits of TNNA markets is called Sample It! Held on Friday nights, shops can purchase limited amounts of special items and packages, many put together exclusively for this event. It’s also the only place at this market where you can take actual product home, so these items will be showing up in your shops right away.

Accoutrement Designs, the makers of those great magnets & fobs has some special collections available at this event. These collections include some new magnets, a gold bee and a spring heart. I love the heart which has several colors of rhinestones.

Melissa Shirley won’t show off most of her new designs until the show starts, but she has a peek at a second lovely club. This one has charming cupcakes. They have hearts of different kinds with stitch guides by Laurie Walden.

Tapestry Fair has a peek at their newest designs on their blog. Included in them, top center in the picture, is a very creative nativity.

Associated Talents is showing off many of their newest designs, in the photos on their Facebook page. Highlights include beach-themed micro mini-socks and a wonderful beach-themed star tree topper to go with them. Scroll down in the album to see even more of their beachy designs, many stitched. In addition, they will have a couple of great “beachy” sayings squares.

Eye Candy has four new holiday canvases. I’m crazy about the cardinal (see it in my Pinterest album). There is also an ornaments canvas, a canvas with “merry” on a bright abstract background, and an overall pattern of ornament shapes on gold. All are in Ada’s lovely bright colors. She also has four new floral designs, including one that is divided into quarters.

Sundance has a new embellishment out, Lucite flowers. Look for them on some of Barbara Elmore’s designs. Other embellishment products include new colors in beads and sequins and multi-colored versions of Sparkles. There is also a Roll n’Go Bead Tray (available at Sample It!, and a bead kit. This is along with new canvases from Barbara Elmore including a lovely bright flower sampler and a Halloween cat.

Thanks to the folks at Pocket Full of Stitches (again) you can get a preview of the latest designs from Birds of a Feather. These include several trees full of different birds, some great landscapes in their quirky stle (including one with a great peacock), and two citrus/tea canvas with different colored backgrounds that owuld be great companion pieces.

Not at TNNA, but new are the needlepoint cards from Blue Dogwood Designs. Right now there are 7 in the series but more are planned. Each comes with a charming card, some with printed designs, that has an opening. A 2″ square painted canvas comes with the card for you to stitch. They make great gifts, especially when stitched & framed.

More new magnets from Accoutrement Designs. There’s a rubber ducky, two sheep (one black, one white), a sandcastle, a shamrock, a fancy nutcracker, a teddy bear, and a champagne bucket. They say there are more exclusive and custom items coming.

June McKnight has a new book out, Colorful Backgrounds. She has a sneak peek on her site. Julia Snyder also has a new book coming out.

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