Trianglepoint Christmas Tree Quilt Ornament Free Pattern

Trianglepoint Christmas Tree Ornament designed by needlepoint expert Janet M. Perry

Trianglepoint Christmas Tree Ornament

This ornament is based on Christmas quilts which have large trees made up of triangular patches of many different kinds of green fabric. A trunk of brown is added along with white and red borders. The green threads should be mostly solid or variegated with only slight changes in color. Tweeded threads add interest while not changing color.

This ornament works up very quickly and makes an unusual decoration for the tree. To make the ornament you will need:

  • 1 card Rainbow Gallery Backgrounds “Natural Silk” (BG1)
  • 5 different green threads from your stash
  • 1 shade brown yarn in a matte color
  • 1 skein red variegated yarn
  • 18 mesh canvas canvas 4″ x 6″

Begin about 1.5″ from the left side of the canvas. Following the ornament picture for color choice, make the bottom row of triangles. All the triangles are five stitches; the smallest size below.

Once the bottom row is completed, continue making the tree, following the pattern.

trianglepoint needlepoint basic equilateral triangles

sizes of trianglepoint triangles

When the tree is complete, make the trunk in brown thread about seven stitches across and eight stitches long. I used Parisian Stitch for this, but it would also look great in Tent Stitch.

Now for the background. The background for the tree itself is made up of triangles in the silk. The background for the trunk is Parisian Stitch, also in the silk. There should be a half triangle (three stitches) at either side of the base of the tree.

Next do the borders. Both borders are done in Goblein over three threads, below. Stitch the red border first, and then the white border.

upright or straight gobelin needlepoint stitch, diagrammed by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Border Stitch for ornament


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