Turbo Tacky Glue – Product Review

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great glue to finish needlepoint

If you finish needlepoint yourself, finding a good easy-to-use glue is hard. I’m not fond of hot glue. I don’t much like really sticky glue that gets all over everything. And most white glues just don’t hold.

What’s a person to do?

For years I used Aleene’s Super Tacky Glue. It bonded faster and held more strongly than regular tacky glue and I found I could actually use it for needlepoint.

But they stopped making it and I used up my supply long ago, so I just didn’t finish stuff.

I recently came across Turbo Tacky Glue (find it at Wal-mart, Amazon, & Michael’s) and thought I’d try it.

If possible, it’s even better than Super Tacky Glue. On the package it says that it cuts drying time by up to 50% and that it has more resin for a superior bond.

I tried it out glueing the edges of a canvas to the back for an ornament. The glue was thick but still came out nicely. I could press the edges down and hold them for a little while (2 minutes maybe) and they held. I got everything done in less than 10 minutes.

Because it doesn’t bond immediately, you can make some adjustments to make everything perfect.

I decided to weigh down the one edge that wasn’t perfect and put the glue bottle on it. It took very little time to flatten.

I let it dry overnight (because it was late not because it was needed) and glued on the backing in the morning. I weighted it down again with the glue bottle and I used lots of glue. After an hour it is bonded but the glue isn’t quite dry, but almost.

This stuff is wonderful for DIY finishing. It’s cheap, it works fast, but not too fast (a problem with hot glue for me), bonds well, dries clear, and peels easily off your fingers. Go get some and finish that needlepoint!


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