Turquoise Cross – Free Pattern

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needlepoint christmas ornament, turquoise cross, designed by janet perry
This week’s free pattern is loosely adapted from a pin from New Mexico. Working in silver with turquoise has long been a tradition of the Native Americans of Arizona and New Mexico. I love it and have quite a collection.

Turquoise is an unusual gem in that it is opaque. Typically it is blue or green and may have lines of brown in it.

turquoise cross free needlepoint pattern designed by janet perry

click for full size chart

This design has silver surrounding Rhodes Stitches made using hand-dyed floss. The silver isn’t very bright because typically Indian Silver isn’t highly polished.

I love the contrast the silver Tent Stitches make with the matte, bumpy Rhodes.

The outlines shown on the chart are optional. Stitch the silver, then the Rhodes Stitches.

The design is roughly diamond in shape, so it could easily be made into a folded diamond ornament.



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