Tutorial & Tips on Beading on Canvas

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With TNNA this weekend and thus tons of new things shown, Im reversing my usual habit. Today-Thursday will highlight great content from others. Friday-Monday will cover new products. Back to the usual schedule next week.

Beading on canvas is not one of my best things, but Jane of Chilly Hollow is great at it. Recently she put on her blog a two-part tutorial on beading in needlepoint.

Not only does she tell you everything you need to know, she also includes lots of links to products and even more information.

In the first part, she takes you through the types of beads (including the right size to use), needles, thread, and tools for beading.

In the second part, she covers several different methods for attaching beads and has lots of links to tips and more tutorials.


  1. Suzanne Whiton says

    I have a needlework piece that calls for beads to be used as fans caps at the ball park. I have never done any beading and can’t seem anyone in this area to teach me. Can you help me?
    Thank you.

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