Two Great Stitches from Rittenhouse Needlepoint

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The two stitches featured this week on Rittenhouse Needlepoint’s blog are outstanding stitches, not only for backgrounds, but as accents as well.

Cushion Stitch, or Framed Scotch Stitch puts Scotch Stitches into Tent Stitch frames. Done all in the same thread, it creates a subtle texture. Do it in two different colors or threads and you get a strong pattern, great for an unusual background. You still have the boxiness of Scotch, along with its regular rhythm, but the Tent Stitch frame makes it seem less rigid.

I like it as a stitch for buildings or for clothing.

Combination Cross is an interlocked version of regular and Upright Cross Stitches. The constant change in direction gives this stitch a texture much greater than its small scale would suggest. It’s a good background, especially on a smaller piece.

The texture of this stitch means it will attract attention. It could work well as tweed clothing, a blanket, or for fields. I also like to use it in a single color to stitch mountains in the middle distance.

Two great stitches, well worth trying.



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