Update on Paternayan

Paternayan is coming!

Shout it from the rooftops, this much beloved Persian Wool is back. The first 20 colors will be appearing in your local shops soon.

The first colors to come out are the most popular ones from the line. The new makers of the yarn, Saco River Dyehouse, make knitting yarns, and have worked and tested to create a yarn that is as close to Psaternayan as possible.

Unless you have been needlepointing a long time, you may only be familiar with the most recent version of this Persian wool. On the good side the three strands were all even in width, something not true of the original wool. On the bad side the lovely luster of the original Paternayan was lost.

The Paternayan Brothers in making this wool wanted something that could be used to repair Persian rugs (hence the name). That wool has a lovely sheen.

According to some of the experts the new makers have consulted it’s back.

The plan is to have all the colors, but ramping up may take a year.

The thread is available to shops in hanks right now.

The makers will be at TNNA showing it off and giving shops samples to try.

I have tried early versions of the thread and I was impressed. A sample is on its way to test more completely.


  1. Robin says

    That’s the best needlepoint news I have heard in a while!!!! I have several projects to finish that I have not been able to find the colors for.

  2. Dea says

    Yippee! This is good news. I loved Paternyan, the feel of it, the colors and a finished product. There are many wonderful fibers, but I just love the steadfastness of Paternyan when stitching.

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