Why Use Needlework Tacks

Clover Needlework Tacks (copyright Clover)

Clover Needlework Tacks (copyright Clover)

“Why Use Needlework Tacks?” I kept asking myself.

My answer always was “I have no idea.”

For many stitchers, regular thumbtacks or quilter’s tacks (larger heads) work just fine. For others the gold needlework tacks from Clover are a better choice.

You should be using these tacks if any of these things are true for you.


  1. fran says

    in reference to thumb tacks verses needlework tacks(clover) I tried both(I ran out of Clover tacks so I thought in a pinch,regular thumb tacks would do)(wrong). I found with regular thumb tacks the pin broke off too easily. Needlework tacks(clover) seem to be stronger and do not break off as easily.

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