Why Use Needlework Tacks

Clover Needlework Tacks (copyright Clover)

Clover Needlework Tacks (copyright Clover)

“Why Use Needlework Tacks?” I kept asking myself.

My answer always was “I have no idea.”

For many stitchers, regular thumbtacks or quilter’s tacks (larger heads) work just fine. For others the gold needlework tacks from Clover are a better choice.

You should be using these tacks if any of these things are true for you.

  • You live in a humid climate. Regular tacks rust. They will leave marks on your canvas. Because the Clover tacks have that gold coating, they will not rust.
  • You use a tack pusher tool extensively.These tools make it easy to pick up a tack and push it into your stretcher bars. These tacks fit the head perfectly and stay inside it. Quilter’s Tacks have heads that are too large to fit. Other small tacks just aren’t held as well. These tools come with a small box of Needlework tacks to get you started.
  • You have poor hand strength.I was noticing that my hands couldn’t get quilter’s tacks into most of my stretcher bars. I have a friend with the same problem. These tacks have very sharp points. Because of that you need less strength to push them into the bars. I can use even my most resistant bars with little trouble.
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    One caution, if you switch from large-head tacks to needlework tacks, some holes might be too big to hold the needlework tacks in place. Just move them.

    I’m making the switch these days and find it much easier to stitch because I don’t have tacks that aren’t pushed in all over the place.


  1. fran says

    in reference to thumb tacks verses needlework tacks(clover) I tried both(I ran out of Clover tacks so I thought in a pinch,regular thumb tacks would do)(wrong). I found with regular thumb tacks the pin broke off too easily. Needlework tacks(clover) seem to be stronger and do not break off as easily.

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