Victorian Motto Shoppe Hand-dyed Floss – Thread Review

lee needle art needlepoint fan ornament stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry in hand-dyed threads

This eBay seller mostly specializes in charts and frames with an old-fashioned flair, including perforated paper kits, motto charts and Quaker designs. In addition they sell hand-dyed floss and trims.

Recently I bought one of their floss sets, Peony, and used it to stitch this vintage Lee mini-fan.

They are available as sets, usually of four related colors, in 20 yard skeins. They use DMC floss as the base. The color sets are derived from the colors dyed for the company’s kits.

Because the colors are generally limited editions, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to find them again. Sometimes colors are identified on the tags, sometimes not. Although the colors are usually sold in sets, you may also find single skeins from time to time.

In addition to the floss, often there are hand-dyed trims, seam ribbons, and perle cottons.

The green and light pink (white) in the background are this floss, as are the two duller fuchsias of the flowers. The floss was easy to use. AS you can see from the fan pictured here, the colors are subtly varied, which gives a nice effect.

I was able to use them in several different ways in the fan including T Stitch, Four-way Continental, and two different directions of Continental.

The floss is lovely, but I would only use it as an accent thread. Being limited editions and not having color names or numbers, it might be difficult or impossible to find the same or even similar thread if needed.

Great colors, nice thread, but of limited use to needlepointers.

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