Vintage Crafts – Bargello Needlepoint with a Hook

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Over the weekend I got a query from Bob who wanted to know if I had heard of a craft he had done in the 70’s. He wrote

After many years, I’ve become interested in needlepoint again, but can’t seem to find the type I enjoyed so much. The result looked like bargello, but I believe it used a needle with a hook rather than tapestry needles. Might you know what form of embroidery this is? The results (still have some pillows) were beautiful and not too difficult to do. Thanks in advance for any info you might provide.

I don’t remember this, and it’s not latch hooking or rug hooking. I’m hoping one of you do.

If you have ideas or resources, leave a comment.

Thanks heaps!


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    We know it as punch needle embroidery today. Back then it was referred to as Russian punch needle embroidery. I’m not sure when we dropped the Russian to shorten the name. It is similar to the luneville or tambour work done in French haute couture.

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    Ahh yes! Igolochkoy or punch needle embroidery. I forgot about that. That is probably more in line with what Bob described. (I think I even have some igolochkoy supplies in my garage with my childhood books and dolls.)

    This blog sure is getting my noggin working again.

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