Will You Start a Long-term Needlepoint Project with Me?

I'm using this book for my long-tern stash project

I’m using this book for my long-tern stash project

Are you overwhelmed with stash?

Me too.

I decided to do something about it last week and want you to come play along. The rules are amazingly simple and will allow you to customize the project to you, including what’s in your stash.

It doesn’t have deadlines and is free to participate. However in order to win the monthly prize you will need to register by filling out this form.

The Inspiration

I have tons of small pieces of canvas and tons of thread. Sometimes it overwhelms me. Last week was one of those overwhelming times.

I recently treated myself to the three Michele Roberts books of crosses and Christian symbols.

Combine the three and I’m using the canvas, the books, and my huge stash of thread to make many small crosses. I have about 50 pieces of canvas and have only just started on the threads.

I’m going to stitch them serially using up what I have. Michele uses interesting stitches, so I’m going to learn stuff too.

I started with Kreinik metallic ribbon & #12 braid. Next I’ll do Rainbow Gallery metallics and them move to other colors and sizes in metallics.

I’m about halfway through my first one.

The Rules

  • The Projects: Pick a series of at least 10 small projects. They can be charted or painted canvas, free or bought, simple or complex, original or not. The thing is that they need to be small (under 5″ square) and similar.

    How you define similar is up to you.

    Idealy all these projects should be from your stash.

  • The Threads: All projects must be stitched from stash threads. The only time you can buy thread is if you run out of a color partway through the design.
  • Register your plan: Fill out the registration form to let me know about your plan and be eligible to win monthly prizes.
  • The Contest: A you finish a project, send me a scan along with the entry form telling me about it, using my email napaneedlepoint at gmail.com (remove spaces and replace at with @). Unless you say no, all project pictures will be displayed on a new Beautiful Needlepoint board in my Pinterest area. On the first of each month, I’ll draw one name from that month’s entries. The winner will get a prize.

I want to make this easy as well as motivating. I’ll be posting pictures of my progress as well on the same board and in the My Needlepoint board. The contest is open-ended. By listing and working on small projects of your choice together, let’s make some great needlepoint!


  1. says

    love this idea and want to join in, but can’t find the registration form. How do I register?
    my plan is to make Christmas ornaments. I need to bust my stash, and have lots of ideas
    In my head. I will start today!!!

  2. Bekah says

    I have recently become overwhelmed by my stash (never knew anyone else felt this way, too) in several of my crafty sectors (paper and scrapbook, especially!) but I’m feeling crafty and wanting to do something. That said, I love this idea and am thinking of what I would like to do to participate as it is a nice motivator!

  3. Libbi Goodman says

    Thanks for offring the large project; I’ve already signed up. After reading yesterday’s e-mail about the small projects, I was going to write you and ask if you could do something for large projects. I very rarely do small projects. To me, small is an 8X10 I carry in my needlepoint tote. Perfect timing, Libbi Goodman

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