Woven Ribbon – Product Review

needlepoint with sequins and wonder ribbon, stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

With Woven Ribbon from The Collection, it’s easy to make realistic bows.

Woven Ribbon from The Collection is a 6mm metallic ribbon. It comes in zipper bags wound on clear plastic bobbins (like sewing machine bobbins). Like Flair or Rachel, it is a braided tube in construction.

The package tells you how it is constructed. It is woven “from brass, copper and/or aluminum and is coated in enamel and lacquered to prevent color change.” Because of this it is waterproof and heat resistant. Of less importance to us as stitchers, it is also nickel free.

I used most of a package to do the ribbon on my ornament. I was delighted to find that I could apply it to the canvas easily by enlarging the hole slightly and pulling it through with a #22 needle, the same size I used for the stitching.

I was surprised at how nicely it compressed so that I didn’t need to make a special effort to use it. I did, however, find that the stiff wires made using a needle threader essential.

Unless the length is very short, you will need to attach Wonder Ribbon to the canvas. Because the ribbon compresses to go through the canvas, you will need to expand it for complete coverage at the ends. I did this easily by bringing my needle with the fine metallic out of the canvas along the end, then catching just a bit of the edge of the ribbon. I then put my needle back through the canvas and the ribbon was pulled and expanded to cover. I repeated this process as often as needed for coverage at both ends.

In the straight areas, I laid the length of the ribbon and then attached it at the sides with matching #4 Kreinik. Any fine metallic could be used, this was what I had that matched. The sides were attached the same way, grabbing a bit of the ribbon’s edge and attaching it. The ribbon laid smoothly.

For the curvy bow, I used a slightly different process. I brought the ribbon out at the knot, so it would be covered later. I left it hang loose and attached around the outside of the first loop. Then it went over the knot and I attached around the outside of the second loop.

After the outsides of both loops were done, I put the end of the thread through to the back of the canvas. I then stitched the insides of both loops, followed by both sides of the end. Voila — the best bow I’ve ever made!

The card in each package has many other suggestions for using this ribbon. I can’t wait to do more and share them with you.

Please note: Samples of this product were provided to me for purposes of review and designing.

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